Our Services

Water Damage

Our Restoration Specialists and IICRC Certified Technicians will skillfully assess the damage caused by flood, pipe breaks and other water disasters. It is imperative to hire a full service restoration team to immediately start the drying process and assess any structural damage. Our team uses state of the art equipment and instruments as well as sophisticated techniques to extract excess standing water and any residual moisture, monitor and charting the progress of the drying process and to ensure internal relative humidity level between 40-45% .

Smoke and Fire Damage

ARS Restoration Specialists are IICRC trained and certified technicians in smoke and fire damage restoration. ARS uses state of the art equipment, instruments and techniques to help repair the damage to your property after the devastation of a fire and to completely eliminate soot, smoke residues and odours from your home or business to make your property liveable.

Reconstruction Services

Disaster can strike at any moment and accidents do happen. ARS is fully licensed and insured, and our certified workers can take care of any kind of damage to your home or business, from minor repairs to complete reconstruction of your property. ARS takes pride in expeditiously returning your property to pre loss conditions with the least amount of inconvenience to you and your operations.

Graffiti – Vandalism

Graffiti and vandalism are destructive, frustrating and devalue your property. Call us for assistance to help return your property to its pre loss state.

Vehicle Impact Repair

A vehicle hits your house or building and causes damages to your property, call ARS to secure the area and mitigate further damages. ARS will work with your insurance company to restore your property to pre-damage conditions promptly with the least inconvenience to you.

Home Improvements and Renovations

Our team is skilled and equipped to do minor and major home renovations, from cosmetic improvements to full scale additions. We will work closely with your designer or architect to ensure your dream space is realized.

Natural Catastrophe Damage Repair

Severe weather can wreak havoc on your home or building. ARS can quickly and safely repair the damage caused by the following natural disasters:

  • Storms/High Winds
  • Tornados
  • Ice/Hail
  • Lightning/Fire

Foul Odours

ARS has the equipment, experience and environmentally friendly products to rid your home or business of odours caused by fire, mould, mildew and smoke. ASCO can also eliminate odours caused by animals or animal carcasses.

Hazardous Materials – Abatement Services

Our certified, professionally trained technicians follow strict Environmental Regulations for the removal and disposal of mould, lead, asbestos and oil spills. Hazardous materials removed from our job sites are always legally disposed at approved landfill sites.

Trauma Clean Up

We provide property rehabilitation services to residential, commercial or industrial locations for mass casualty or death scene incidents, biohazard - including blood spill and tear gas - cleanup, infectious disease decontamination, meth lab decontamination, hoarder property cleanup and any other high-risk biological or chemical situation.

Content Pack-Out Services

ARS provides complete pack-out services, carefully and respectfully delivering the contaminated items to be restored to an off-site facility or for undamaged goods to be stored while your property is being restored. The pack-out process involves meticulous documentation, including photos and identification numbers, to ensure your items receive the best possible care and do not get loss.

Household contents cleaning and restoration

Following a disaster at your property, ARS can restore items from artwork and documents, to electronics and clothing. Let ARS help you save your valuable possessions and cherished memories. Our speciality restoration services include cleaning and restoring of:

  • Artwork
  • Electronics (TV, computers, stereos)
  • Rugs
  • Photographs
  • Furniture
  • Documents, books
  • Retail inventory
  • Clothing
  • VHS & DVD media


While at an off-site ARS facility, your items are housed in a secure, climate-controlled and fully insured environment. They remain there until the cleaning and restoration process is complete and returned to your property with the same care and handling as when they were initially packed out. As a property owner, you may access your stored items at your convenience between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday.